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Don’t Get Caught With A Bargain In Your Eye

When a patient tells me they hate their glasses, I ask two questions:

1.Where did you get them?

2. How much did you (or didn’t you) pay for them?

I have found that most people who hate their glasses really just bought cruddy glasses.

Buying glasses is one of the most tricky purchases a consumer makes.  Did you know there are over 200  lenses on the market?  Do you know the differences between them?  If someone handed you two uncut lens blanks, one developed in 1988 and the other developed in 2014, could you see the difference between them?

The answer (for even the far-above-average consumer) is ‘NO’!

Would you EVER buy a car without test driving or even seeing the car?  NO!  But with glasses lenses we do it all the time.

So how do you make a good buying decision with glasses?

First, I would say you need to have a trusting relationship with the doctor who is examining you.  Did the doctor take the time to explain the differences between technologies?  Is the doctor speaking from experience?  Does the doctor have certified optical staff? Does your gut tell you the doctor is giving you good information?

And second, ask yourself “does the price seem too good to be true?”  Remember that the cheaper a lens or lens treatment is, the older the technology is.  If someone selling you glasses ever tells you there is no difference between all the different lenses and coatings on the market they are a liar or have absolutely no idea what they are doing and you should not buy from them!

In short, glasses lenses are a “get what you pay for” kind of thing!  So follow your gut and don’t get caught with a bargain in your eye!

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