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Ohhh Baby, It’s Cold Out There!!!

A buddy of mine just tweeted this picture of himself .  The tweet said, ” Skiing? Nope-just going outside to feed the dog. At -25 degrees I don’t want my eyeballs to freeze.”
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Well I’ve got good news for everyone out there worried about their eyeballs freezing.  Due to warm blood constantly circulating throughout the eye as well as a very dense layer of vascularized muscle and fat insulating the eyes – YOUR EYES WILL NOT FREEZE (at least until after you are dead from hypothermia).

So why do your eyes water like crazy on days like this?  It is actually due to dryness – WAIT – I know what you are thinking.

“If my eyes are dry, then why are they watering?”

It’s a reflex – the big gland just above each eye that produces the watery component of your tears is TRYING to make up for quickly evaporating tears from the surface of your eyes.  It can be extremely uncomfortable and irritating.

But don’t fret all you hardy tundra explorers,  I promise your eyeballs will not freeze (as long as you are still alive).  Stay safe and warm out there today!

Dr. Langford

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