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Proper Eye Wear Prevents Injuries

This afternoon Major League Baseball third baseman Miguel Cabrera was hit in the eye when a sharply hit ground ball took a bad hop at the edge of the infield grass.  The scene was a bit gruesome.  The ball hit him square in the face and blood immediately began to pour onto his hands.  His teammates and coaches were greatly concerned, but fortunately it sounds like he is going to only have cuts to his face and he did not suffer any other eye or orbital bone damage.

This incident is a perfect illustration of why it is very important to wear eyewear in sports.

On the one hand, Cabrera was fortunate that he had ANY glasses on.  His sunglasses took the brunt of the blow shielding his eye and orbital bone from the direct blow.  Without those glasses he surely would have sustained a “blowout fracture” – which is when blunt trauma forces the floor of the orbit to implode downward into a sinus, thus absorbing the impact and sparing the eye from being gravely impacted by the trauma.  And if the ball would’ve come in direct contact with the eye the list of potential blinding complications includes bleeding in the anterior of the eye leading to a discolored cornea, retinal detachment, dislocation of the lens, or a large rupture of the wall of the eye.

On the other hand, Cabrera was unfortunate that he wasn’t wearing proper sports glasses. From the video it appears that the ball directly hit the glasses. I’m guessing that the cuts he sustained were a direct result of the edge of the lens being pushed forcefully into the skin. The lens did not break – I’m sure his sunglasses aren’t cheap gas station sunglasses and those lenses are generally made from impact resistant materials.  BUT they also don’t have a proper frame around them.  So the direct blow from the ball was transmitted to the thin edge of the lens and that will cut like a hot knife through butter if pushed with force into your face.  Proper safety sports frames will not have sharp edges or hinges that can pinch on impact. If Cabrera had been wearing the right glasses, and assuming the glasses took most of the impact of the ball, he could’ve walked away from that bad hop unscathed.

Eye injuries in sports for the most part are preventable. Protect your eyes and your kids’ eyes with proper frames and lenses to keep them seeing safely.

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