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You’ve Got ‘Roy Rogers’ Tears!

One of the most common symptoms of dry eye is tearing.

What? Did you read that correctly? The main symptom of dryness is wetness?

For the vast majority of patients with ‘dry eye’ the problem isn’t the quantity of tears they produce, but the quality.  Our eyelids are loaded with glands that act as factories producing the three main components of our tears.  The most voluminous part is a watery part – and very few people have a problem producing that portion.  The other two components are a mucus layer and an oil layer that are CRITICAL for the stability of the watery layer on the surface of the eye.  And the vast majority of dry eye patients I see on a day to day basis have problems with tears that are plentiful, but are too unstable to cover the eye and keep it comfortable.

One of my mentors from my residency in Philadelphia, Dr. Joe Toland (one of the few people on the planet to complete both optometry and medical school) had a unique way of explaining a poor tear film to his patients. He used to say, “Have you ever had the gravy at the Four Seasons? It’s incredible. And have you ever had the gravy at Roy Rodgers? It’s terrible.” Most patients by this time were thoroughly confused, but then he drove home the point with gusto. “YOU’VE GOT ROY ROGERS TEARS!”

If redness, excessive tearing, intermittent blurred vison, or discomfort plague your daily activities, I can help you with your Roy Rogers tears.

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