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Dry eye is a common and often chronic issue, particularly in women. Don’t live in discomfort any longer. Save 25% on our dry eye treatment when you pay upfront!

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Get 25% Off Your Dry Eye Treatment!

Are you constantly battling red, itchy, and watery eyes? While it’s tempting to brush these symptoms off as allergies, they could indicate a deeper issue like dry eye syndrome. Dry eye can be more than just a nuisance; it can significantly disrupt your daily activities. It’s particularly prevalent among women due to hormonal fluctuations throughout their lives.  Fortunately, relief is within reach without putting a strain on your wallet. At Omaha Primary EyeCare, we’re excited to extend a special offer to you: receive 25% off when you pay upfront for our dry eye treatment in Elkhorn. With this exclusive deal, you reduce your investment from the standard $2400 to only $1800. This means you’ll receive comprehensive care at significant cost savings! 

Our Dual-Therapy Approach 

Our comprehensive treatment plan spans over four sessions across 2-3 weeks, utilizing cutting-edge technology such as OptiLight IPL Therapy and LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation. This ensures thorough care for both your eyes and skin, providing effective relief while also revitalizing your skin.  

OptiLight IPL Therapy

OptiLight IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy goes beyond treating dry eye symptoms, targeting the root cause of dry eye while also addressing sun damage and aging spots on your skin.  

LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation

During the third session, we incorporate LipiFlow®, a gentle and soothing procedure similar to a heated eye massage. This technique unblocks the oil glands in your eyelids, alleviating or preventing dry eye symptoms. 

Give Your Eyes the Relief They Deserve

Don’t let dry eye symptoms continue to disrupt your daily life. Take advantage of our exclusive offer and invest in your eye health today with our comprehensive dry eye treatment.