Could My Headaches Be Vision-Related?

Mar 1, 2024 | Eye Health Info

Do you suffer from frequent headaches that just won’t seem to go away? It could be more than just stress or lack of sleep causing your discomfort. In some cases, headaches may be caused by vision-related issues such as eye misalignment, also known as binocular vision dysfunction. In this blog post, we’ll explore the connection between this vision problem and headaches and how Neurolenses can help relieve the symptoms.  

Understanding the connection 

When your eyes aren’t properly aligned, it can cause strain on the muscles around your eyes and in your head, leading to frequent headaches. This condition is known as binocular vision dysfunction, and it affects many people without them realizing it. Other symptoms of this condition can include dizziness, eye strain, and even neck or shoulder pain. You may also notice these symptoms getting worse after long periods of staring at screens or reading.  

How Neurolenses can help 

Neurolenses are specially designed lenses that are designed to correct eye misalignment and provide relief from symptoms such as headaches. These lenses feature a contoured prism to align your eyes, reducing strain and tension on the muscles around your eyes. By addressing the underlying issue of eye misalignment, Neurolenses can help alleviate headaches and other symptoms associated with binocular vision dysfunction. 

In addition to providing relief from headaches, Neurolenses can also improve overall visual comfort and clarity. Many patients who wear Neurolenses say they experience less eye strain when reading or using digital devices for long periods. By correcting misalignments in your eyes, these lenses can improve your vision and make everyday tasks more comfortable.  

Don’t let recurring headaches hold you back from living your best life! At Omaha Primary EyeCare in Elkhorn, we offer Neurolenses as a cutting-edge treatment option for patients suffering from these issues. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and find out if Neurolenses are right for you!