Dry Eye Treatment,

Elkhorn, NE 

At Omaha Primary EyeCare in Elkhorn, we offer advanced treatments to address the underlying causes of dry eye disease and provide long-lasting relief to our patients. One of the treatments we offer is the LipiFlow® thermal pulsation system, a cutting-edge treatment designed to target meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), a leading cause of dry eye symptoms.

What is the LipiFlow® thermal pulsation system?  

The TearScience® LipiFlow® thermal pulsation system is the only electronic device cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction—one of the most common causes of dry eye disease. The device uses controlled heat and gentle pressure to unclog the meibomian glands located in the eyelids. These glands secrete an oil that prevents the tears from evaporating too quickly and keeps the eyes lubricated. When the meibomian glands are blocked, the oil can’t reach the surface of the eyes, causing dryness and inflammation. 


How does LipiFlow® work?   

Before recommending LipiFlow® treatment, our eye doctor will perform a comprehensive eye exam to assess the severity of your MGD and decide if the treatment is right for you.  

During the LipiFlow® treatment, our optometrist will place a small device called the LipiFlow® activator on each eyelid. The activator consists of a soft, contoured cup that fits comfortably over your eyes. The activators use a combination of heat and gentle pressure to effectively unclog and express the meibomian glands.  

You will feel a gentle, warm, pulsing sensation during treatment. Many patients have described the experience as feeling like a massage for the eyes. The purpose of the massage is to relax and open the meibomian glands to expel obstructions as the blockages are warmed and liquified. The procedure takes 20 minutes or less and is completely painless.  

After LipiFlow® therapy   

After treatment is completed, you can resume normal activities right away. Many patients experience improvement in their dry eye symptoms within a few weeks after LipiFlow® treatment. However, individual outcomes may vary, as the recovery and restoration of meibomian gland function can take time. Our optometrist will closely monitor your progress and recommend any additional treatments or adjustments as needed to ensure the best possible results. 

The number of LipiFlow® treatments you will need depends on the severity of your dry eye symptoms and the underlying cause of your condition. In general, most patients experience significant relief after just one or two treatments. Our eye doctors will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your specific needs and goals. 

Contact us today to schedule a dry eye evaluation and find out if LipiFlow® is the right treatment for your specific case.